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 What are different types of Screw Drive?

What are different types of Screw Drive?

1. What are the different types of screw drives?

screw drive types

The screw drive (drive recess) is part of the screw that allows it to be turned into the place with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. In general, there can be hundreds of types of screw drives. These screw drives don’t only determine the type of tools to use but also the torque to drive the screw in. According to the types of drive recess, the screws can be categorized as the followings:

Slotted Screw: The slotted screw drive features a single slot on the head of the screw. It was the first screw drive type to be developed, and the simplest and cheapest drive to make. This kind of screw is turned by a flat-bladed screwdriver, which works well by hand but is not often used with electric power for the screw driver can easily slip out of the slot and damage the surrounding material.

Phillips Drive Screw: The Phillips drive screw is characterized by a crossed recess on the head of the screw. This is was developed and improved by Phillips Screw Company. Though from 1966 the patent of the company expired, the term “Phillips” is still used to refer to this recess style.

Unlike other kinds of screw drive types, the Phillips drive type is designed to cam out: if the torque needed to drive the screw exceeds a certain amount, there is an over-tightening that might damage the screw itself; to avoid this damage, it’s essential that the screwdriver can slip out of the recess of the head.

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Pozidriv Screw:  Like Phillips Drive Screw, the Pozidriv is another type of screw recess. It’s often abbreviated to PZ or PSD. Actually, its another name “Pozidriv” is mistakenly spelled for “Pozidriv” actually is the trademark held by Phillips Screw Company originally.

The Pozidriv recess looks similar to the Phillips drive: it’s featured with a set of radial indentations at 45° from the main cross recess on the head of the screw. Compared with Phillips recess, the Pozidriv type bears a larger turning force (torque).


The Pozi Drive Screw is one of our main products and the star product is Chipboard Screw. For more information, please click: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/chipboard-screw/

 Torx Drive Screw: The Torx drive screw features a 6-point star-shaped pattern. Actually, Torx is a trademark developed in 1967. Another generic name is the stardrive type.

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2. Whats the difference between the Pozidriv and the Phillips Screw?

Pozi drive phillips drive screw

Generally, the Phillips drive screw and the Pozi drive screw are the most popular types of recess.

As we mentioned before the feature of the Phillips drive type is that the screwdriver slips out the screw recess easily. For this reason, sometimes it’s even possible to apply a Phillips screwdriver on the Pozidriv screw.

Where are Phillips drive screws used?

The Pozidriv type can be seen as an improvement of the Phillips drive type. To use a Pozidriv screw or a Phillips drive screw? It mainly depends on the torque needed for the installation. If there’s a need for higher torque, it’s better to use the Pozidriv screw; otherwise, the Phillips drive screw also works.

Where are Pozidriv Screws used?

Compared with Phillips drive screws, the Pozidriv screws can handle significantly more torque on the fastener recess than a Phillips drive screw can.