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Lituo is the leading screw manufacturer in China: in 2000 we established our screw factory and initially trade under the name “Tianjin Lituo Hardware Products CO. LTD.”. Gradually we expanded our product lines: from screws to blind rivets and nails.
After 20 years of development, we’ve become a professional fastener manufacturer for clients all over the world: with various production lines and the most advanced industrial technology, we’ve become reputable self tapping screw and self drilling screw manufacturer in China; besides, we also offer other fastener products such as nails, blind rivets, etc, which makes us a comprehensive fastener supplier for fastener distributors all over the world.
Our screws, nails and blind rivets are known for their bright and smooth finish, resistance against corrosion, dimensional accuracy, high strength of torque and hardness, and available in various materials and sizes.

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We always stand together with our customers by guarantee our product quality, fast delivery, and efficient project plan, in order to reach the satisfactory of customers. Our goal is to make our customers’ hard-earned money more valuable, at the mean time, we develop forward together to get win-win.

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The most professional screw factory

As a professional screw factory, we have 200 cold heading machines, 200 thread rolling machines, and 200 tail clamping machines. Has more than 20 years of screw production experience. Whether you want wholesale screws or custom screws, we can create the best conditions and prices for you.


If wholesale screws? What kind of great price and service can you get?

If you wholesale a large number of screws, we can provide packaging design for free. We are now starting to transform from an ordinary factory. Come to help our screw wholesaler customers design their brand and make a promotion plan for them.
We now have long-term cooperation with 10 factories that specialize in making packaging for screws. Ensure that the customer’s packaging data and design will not be leaked. If the quantity of wholesale screws for customers is sufficient, we can also provide various plastic packaging, including plastic bags and plastic boxes. We will even waive the mold fee for the plastic box if it is an old customer.

What shipping methods do we provide?

We not only provide the way of FOB, but also the way of DDP, which is to help customers transport to the designated warehouse.
The reason why we can support this service is because we are not only strong as a screw supplier. It is also supported by more than 20 long-term cooperative logistics companies. They are very responsible and excellent companies. The integrity of the packaging is even checked for us before shipping. When the outer packaging of ordinary cartons is damaged, we will even replace new cartons for free.

So in fact, our screws will go through the packaging inspection of our logistics company before shipment. This gives us another guarantee of quality.
We now have great advantages in both land and sea transportation. We are the absolute leading supplier of screws in terms of freight rates. This is one of the fundamentals of our many satisfied customers.

What is an excellent screw supplier?

An excellent screw supplier must first be responsible for our customers and products.
Our screw factory is a screw factory directly under our Lituo Industrial Group. The workers all have more than 10 years of work experience, and since 2015 we have purchased a large number of CNC machines and forging presses to make screw molds by ourselves. Now has 8 years experience in mold making.

So we can be responsible for the quality of our products, because from mold development to material purchase, we are all done by our own factory staff.
Our location is in Tianjin Port, so it is more convenient for our raw material factory to buy imported high-quality raw materials. For each batch of our products, the quality of raw materials will be inspected multiple times. Once there is a problem with the quality of raw materials, we will drive 20 kilometers to the raw material factory for accountability.

Therefore, as an excellent screw supplier, our ability to control the raw material supply chain is among the best.Ours screws in China are of very good quality and guaranteed. So if you need to find a screw manufacturer, please contact us.

What is our commitment?

Our screw factory welcomes any guest to make an appointment to visit and conduct quality inspection at any time.
Our products support customers to check in person or send someone to test during the production process and before delivery.
Our promise is that anyone who comes to us to wholesale screws will get our utmost respect!

What is the pride of one of the largest fastener manufacturers?

We are proud of every client who comes to us. We are proud of every client who is willing to communicate with us. We are even more proud of every customer who trusts us and delivers orders to us. What we want to say is that no matter who you are, as long as you are willing to contact us. We will give you 300% respect.

We serve thousands of customers from more than 200 countries around the world every year, and deliver more than 300 containers flawlessly. 800-900 tons of screws are produced every month. The annual sales volume exceeds 100 million US dollars.
Whenever, wherever, as long as your information is received by us, Lituo will be your most loyal fastener manufacturer.