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Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, And So On
  • High Light: self-drilling screws wood to steel, self-threading bolts for metal
  • Standard: DIN7504N
  • Color: Yellow Zinc, Black Phosphate, Gray, Zinc, HDG, Rupert, Nickel
  • Thread: full thread, half thread, AB thread, A thread
  • Drive:  Philips, Pozi, socket, hex, square, slotted, combined
  • Dia: Dia.2.2–Dia.6.3
  • Length: 6.5mm–300mm
  • Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS
  • Packing: bulk Packing, Small Box Packing, Plastic Bag Packing
  • Application: Building,Industry,Furniture,Sanitary,Electronics,Traffic.
  • Features:

1.Provides secure metal to metal fastening without the need to pre-drill and reduces cam-outs for high-performance drive surfaces and recess
2.Precise point designed to drill, tap and fasten all in 1 motion
3.High-performance drive surfaces reduce cam-outs to penetrate surface the first time for easy installation
4.Zinc plated finish protects the job’s appearance
5.No tool slippage even with older sockets and worn bits
6.Pan head and Philips drive

Please refer to the video regarding this product

Learn more about Pan Head Self Tapping Screw

Learn more about Pan Head Self Drilling Screw


Phillips pan head self-drilling screws have a sheet metal thread with a self driller cutting (TEK) point to pierce through 20 to 14 gauge metals.
The higher the TEK number the larger the drill point to pierce heavier gauge metals. The heads use a Phillips driver #1, #2, or #3 depending on the size of the screw. These screws are used in the exterior elements.
*For the fastening process in steel, they are used on steel frame construction or fastening other materials on steel.
*For the fastening process in wood, they are used for applications in wood structures or industrial lightweight constructions, such as roof deck, flooring.
*For the fastening process in aluminum, they are used for special industrial applications, construction, and manufacturing of windows.

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lituo Pan Head Self Drilling Screw full size

4. Installation Guidelines:
(1). Use a standard screw gun with a depth-sensitive nose piece. Suggested screw gun specification for optimal performance – 4 amps minimum and RPM range of 0 to 2,500.
(2). The Pan’s head is fully seated when the head is flush with the work surface
(3). Overdriving may result in failure of the fastener or strip out of the work surface.
(4). The fastener must penetrate beyond the metal a minimum of three thread pitches