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Drywall Screw

  • Material: Material to be c1022 Steel, finished screws to be further heated/hardened.
  • Finish: Black/grey phosphate, yellow zinc plated, blue zinc plated and others
  • Head Type: Bugle head/Countersunk head
  • Thread Type: Coarse or Fine
  • Drive: Philips
  • Certification: CE
  • Features:
  1. Made of case hardened steel, the screws offer strong pull strength to hold the drywall.
  2. Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.
  3. Black phosphate coating to increase durability.
  4. Commonly with corrosion coating.
  5. The salt spray test ensures that no color stains the wall.
  6. Speed the drywall installation process.
  7. Long service life.

 Please refer to the video regarding this product


Drywall screws are the best way to fasten the drywall to the base material. With a wide range of products and good quality, our drywall screws provide you the perfect solution for different kinds of drywall structures.

  • Mainly used for fastening the drywall panels to metal or wood studs, the drywall screw with fine threads for metal studs, and the coarse threads ones for wood studs.
  • Also used for fastening iron joists and wooden products, especially suitable for walls, ceilings, false ceiling, and partitions.
  • The specially designed drywall screws can be used for building materials and acoustics construction.

Installation Steps:

  1. Drywall screws are easy to use if you choose the right screws and proper driven fasteners.
  2. Select the appropriate size of drywall screws. Ensure that the length of the screw is at least 10mm more than the thickness of the drywall.
  3. Mark off where the studs are, lift the drywall panel to the right place. Make sure the screws are no less 6.5mm to the edge of the drywall.
  4. Adjust the screw gun for the proper depth, and put the collated drywall screws on it.
  5. Hold the drywall tightly, and use the screw gun to screw the screws into the drywall and base materials.
  6. Remove the screws that missed the studs.