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What to Know About Drywall Screw?

  1. Screw Gauges:

The Scew gauge refers to the diameter of the drywall screw. Generally, the most popular sizes are #6 (3.5mm) and #8 (4.2mm). Naturally, as the gauge numbers increase, the screw becomes larger in diameter.

Usually, the size of a screw is expressed as the following: gauge number x length. For example, a 5/8 inch long screw with 3.5mm of diameter, can be expressed as #6 x 5/8’’.


  1. Screw Length:

Though the building materials may have a wide range of thickness, the thickness of most drywalls is 13mm. It may increase or decrease sometimes by very little, but not very often.

Only when there’s a need to install fire code or type-x drywall, which are thicker, longer drywall screws might be needed. For all the reasons above, the length of the drywall screw varies from 13mm to 90mm, or even 150mm.


  1. Screw Threads

According to the type of thread, the drywall screws can be categorized into two types: the coarse-thread type and the fine-thread type.

The coarse-thread screw is used in the application involving drywall and wood studs. For its wide threads are good at drilling into the wood and pulling the drywall against the stud.

Fine Thread Drywall Screws are self-threading which helps them to chew through the metal. For this reason, they work well with metal and are often used for installing drywall to metal studs.

However, the fine-thread drywall screws do not hold in wood as well as the coarse-thread screws do.


We offer a great variety of drywall screw products, whose principal specifications are the following:

Gauge number Length (mm) Thread:



Black/grey phosphated;

White/yellow zinc

#6 (3.5mm) 13,16,19,25,32,38,50
#8 (4.2mm) 25,32,38,50,65,75,90
#10 (4.8mm) 38,50,65,75,90,102,127,150


More details for product: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/drywall-screw/