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Can Chipboard Screws Be Used in Wood?

  1. What is a chipboard screw?

Chipboard screws are self-tapping screws most commonly designed with a single thread that runs all the way from the base of the head to the tip.

Both chipboard screw and CSK self-tapping screws belong to the family of self-tapping screw. The chipboard screw is designed with a single thread and runs all the way from the bottom of the head to the tip.

Normally there’s a large distance between the peaks of the thread, which allows the screw to go through softer material more quickly. For this reason, this screw is used for the connection and fastening of composite boards.

  1. How many types of chipboard screws?

Basically, there are two types of chipboard screws: half thread and full thread.

The half thread type is mainly used to connect two pieces of composited boards or wood boards for its smooth part prevents pulls the two material together without gap.

The full thread part can be used to connect the metal plate with the composite board or wood. Because its thread helps to fix the top material without moving.


  1. Can the chipboard screw be used in wood?

Technically, the wood board is stronger and denser than the particleboard. There might be a cracking problem when the chipboard is driven into a hardwood board.

However, nowadays among the Chinese screw manufacturers, the quality level of the chipboard screw now is relatively high. Even in case of wood board with high density, to solve the problem,the thread of the screw can be modified into claw-cutting.

chipboard screw

Currently, the chipboard screw has replaced the wood screw for timber work. Hereby we introduce our chipboard screw, which is the following:

Material: carbon steel

Surface: yellow/white galvanized

Head: double countersunk/single countersunk

Drive: Pozi/Phillips


More details for product: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/chipboard-screw/