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Where to use coil nails ?

Where to use coil nails?


coil nails

1. What are coil nails?

Coil Nails are a series of nails arranged in a circle connected by a piece of metal and loaded into a gun. Popular with all trades, they are often used in roofing as they hold enough nails to complete a roof without the need to reload. Look for key features such as whether they are galvanized, which means they are resistant to corrosion and rust. Full range of pack sizes and nail lengths available.

Coil nails are a series of nails connected by a brass-coated welding wire and arranged in a circle.

In terms of their shanks, they can be classified as smooth shank, twist shank, or ring shank.


In terms of their material, they can be classified as carbon steel type with galvanized coating or stainless steel type. More specifically, there can be three types of galvanization: electro galvanization, hot-dip galvanization, or mechanical galvanization.


2. Where to use coil nails?

Coil nails can be used on many occasions, such as furniture assembling, wood structures construction, etc. They’re especially popular for wood boards fastening, such as wood pallets or containers assembling. The large capacity reel makes work much easier.

3. How do coil nails work?

The introduction of coil nails requires a coil nailer which has a canister for 200 to 400 nails at a time. This nailer can fire a lot of nails between reloads. Their compact size offers some accessibility advantages. But a fully-loaded coil nailer can be heavy and unwieldy, especially for overhead work.

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