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What’s Zinc-Nickel Alloy Coating?

  1. Whats zinc-nickel alloy coating?

Compared with zinc plating, which is more common for a corrosion-resistance, the zinc-nickel alloy coating is not so popular. However, it offers an exceptional resistance particularly for parts in harsh environments.

With a composition of 10-15% nickel and 85-90% zinc, this coating will corrode slower than the zinc alone. More specifically, this coating can provide protection ten times than the normal zinc plating. Thus the zinc-nickel alloy coating brings the product a longer life cycle and fewer environmental impacts.

  1. The basic process of the plating

Basically, the zinc-nickel alloy coating involves two processes: an electrical current to apply zinc-nickel onto the parts surface and a chromate conversion coating to protect the layer of zinc-nickel. The zn-ni layer itself protects the part from moisture and corrosion, while the chromate layer enhances the whole performance of the finish by resisting white rust.

  1. The application of zinc-nickel plating

Due to increasing demand for product warranties, more and more industry material manufacturers choose zinc-nickel plating to protect their products. Besides, in some special industries such as automotive and aerospace, this kind of coating is widely adopted.

In terms of the construction, the fasteners used on structures exposed to the weather also require the zinc-nickel alloy coating, for example, screws or bolts on the bridge, etc.

That’s why we, as a professional fastener manufacturer, introduce this new coating to our screws.


  1. Our fastener products with Zn-Ni plating

Recently, we’ve adopted this zn-ni coating to some of our products, such as hex head screw, CSK head screw, etc.

In theory, this plating can be applied on all of our fastener screws as long as you have such demand.

For more details, please click the link to our products: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/hex-head-self-drilling-screw/