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 What is Metal Roofing Screw ?

What is Metal Roofing Screw ?

1. What is Metal Roofing Screw?

The Hex Head Self Drilling/Tapping Screw is also known as Roofing Screw or Metal Roofing Screw as this screw is especially used for attaching metal roof panels to the building structure, whether steel or wood substrates. This metal roof panel is generally corrugated metal panel, the screw for the fastening is also called Corrugated Roofing Screw.

Roofing screw wood roofing screw metal


Initially, the metal roof panel is attached to the beam or the substrate by nails. Later the hex head self-drilling screw is used to substitute the nails for its thread offers better holding power and its washer improves the weather tightness of the attachment. Besides, different types of coating offer better corrosion resistance: the zinc coating, the Dacromet, and the Ruspert.


2. How many types of roofing screws?

As the Roofing Screws are commonly used to join the metal panel to the wood substrate or the steel beam, the Metal Roofing Screw can be self-tapping type or self-drilling type. The Self Drilling Hex Head Screw is also known as Tek Screw for Roofing.

Types of Head: The Roofing Sheet Screw is featured by a hexagonal head that can be inserted using a socket; this roof sheet screw may also have a slot on the head and can be driven with a flat blade driver.

Types of Thread: The Roofing Screw is usually fully-threaded and can be either fine-threaded or coarse-threaded. Our Fine Threaded Hex Head Self Drilling Screw is very popular in the Southeast Asian market.

Roofing screw fine thread

Types of Surface Treatment: As the Corrugated Roofing Screw is mainly used for outside work, high corrosion resistance is essential for the screw. We offer different types of surface treatment to deal with this problem, which mainly are the following:

Zinc Plating: It’s also known as galvanized plating and is the most common form of corrosion protection for metal screws. The main process is to immerse the screw in a molten zinc solution at a high temperature and thus, the zinc layer is applied to the surface of the metal roofing screw.

The zinc plating has good adhesion, but the coating is very thin and is suitable for a low-corrosive environment.

Roofing Screw Zinc


Dacromet: Dacromet is a binder of overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes. It has a longer salt spray time than regular galvanizing (from 500 to 1500 hours). It gives the roof sheet screw long-term corrosion resistance for outside applications.

roofing screw darcomet


Ruspert: The Ruspert coating provides the roofing sheet screw 500-1500 hours of rust resistance in neutral salt spray testing. Compared with Dacromet Roofing Screw, the Ruspert Roofing Screw resists longer the corrosive agent. Besides, the Ruspert coatings come in a range of colors.

roofing screw ruspert


Washer types: As we mentioned before, the washer helps the metal roof screw improve its resistance to the weather, especially to the water penetration.   

Single EPDM Washer: The Roofing Screw with Hex Flange Head usually comes with a single EPDM washer.

roofing screw epdm washer

EPDM Bonded Washer: The Metal Roofing Screw with Hex Washer Head comes with a bonded EPDM washer.

roofing screw bonded washer

PVC Washer: The Roofing Sheet Screw with Hex Flange Head also comes with a single PVC washer. Our Roofing Screw with coarse thread and PVC washer is a star product in Southeast Asia.

roofing screw pvc washer


 3. What are the applications of the Roofing Screws?

As we mentioned, the corrugated roofing screw is used to attach the metal panel to the substrate: mostly, the residential roofs have a plywood substrate, which means that a self-tapping screw might be suitable; the commercial or agricultural buildings may have plywood substrate or light gauge metal substrate, which means that both the self-tapping and the self-drilling screw are appropriate. If the metal roof is attached to the heavy steel I-beam, the Tek Screw for Roofing is an ideal choice.

While applying the metal roof screw, it’s important to consider the following factors: the screw sizes and drill point types for the type and thickness of the material; the screw coating for the weather conditions; even the color of the screws that offers a better aesthetic effect for the metal roof construction.

roofing screw color painted

We also offer color-painted Roofing Screws. If you’re interested in our products, please contact:https://www.tjlituo.com/product/hex-head-self-drilling-screw/