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What is Hex Head Screw?

What is Hex Head Screw?


1. What does “hex head screw” refer to?

Hex head screw may refer to many types of screws or bolts: a hex head bolt, a hex head self-drilling/self-tapping screw, a hex socket head cap screw or an Allen head bolt. The world “hex head” mainly refers to a machine screw that resembles bolts but with a threaded shaft.

The hex head self-drilling/self-tapping screw refers to screws with a hexagonal head and more importantly, tapered shaft and sharp threads. These screws may also have a flanged head with a washer o a bonded washer.

The hex head self-drilling/self-tapping screw may be available in zinc-plated, galvanized, or stainless steel.

2. Hex head self-tapping/ self-drilling screw

The flanged hex head screw may have a self-drilling point or Self-tapping point.

Generally, they’re used for joining metal to metal. The hex head self-drilling screw has a drill point that helps to pierce into the metal material without a pilot hole. There’re different types of drill point, such as #3, #4, #5, which vary in lengths depending on the thickness of the metal being fixed to. The hex head self-tapping screw has a sharp point that can pierce timber or light-gauge steel.

The hex head screw without flange refers to wood screw, which can also be called as “lag screw” or “coach screw”. They’re used to join heavy timber or heavy objects with timber.



3. Flanged hex head self-drilling screw

Flanged hex head self-drilling screw is one of our star products, especially in Southamerica. The most popular type is hex head-self drilling screw with white zinc plating. In terms of the washer, there might be  large flange hex head with a single washer or small flange hex head with a bonded washer. Both of the two types create a waterproof seal.



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