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What is a drywall anchor? How to find the best drywall screws to combine your drywall anchors?

1. Definition of drywall anchors

Drywall anchors also can be called as wall anchors. As an insert, the drywall anchor often combined with the appropriate screw to create a firm mount on a drywall panel or similar hollow wall. A drywall anchor lies between the drywall and screw, so it can grips the drywall more effectively than a screw.

2. Types of the drywall anchors

Some drywall anchors include toggle arms. The toggle anchors usually drop behind the wall or expand within the cavity. Other drywall anchors have wide threads, which carve out grooves in the wall for traction. All drywall anchors’ function is to create a firm mount point. Some drywall anchors include toggle arms. The toggle anchors usually drop behind the wall or expand within the cavity.

Drywall Anchors with toggle arms

Drywall ancor with wide threads


3. When to use drywall anchors

Not all the wall-based fasteners need drywall anchors. For instance, if there is a stud behind the wall, we usually do not use them. The stud provides support for drywall screws.

However, we can also mount objects even if there are no available studs. The drywall anchor is a good choice for us. The drywall anchor is well known by being anchored to drywall panels. We can use drywall anchors by pushing them into the pilot holes. When you screw the drywall screw into the drywall anchors, the drywall anchors will expand. The back of the drywall anchor can also expand around the back of the drywall panel.

4.The combination of drywall anchors and drywall screws

As we all know, the drywall screws are usually inserted directly into the wall. Sometimes, we may need to drill pilot holes before inserting the drywall screws. All in all, we sometimes probably knock the drywall screw directly into the wall when using them. However, in some cases, we need to use drywall anchors.

We do not insert the drywall screws directly into the wall when we using the drywall anchors. On the contrary, we firstly need to insert the drywall screws into the drywall anchors. We need to drill a pilot hole on the wall before using a drywall anchor. And then we can driving the drywall anchor into the pilot hole. Finally, you can insert the drywall screws into the above drywall anchor. The back of the drywall anchors will expand when we insert the drywall screws.

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