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 What is a Clout Nail?

What is a Clout Nail?

1. What is clout nail?

The Clout Nail is also known as felt nail or roofing felt nail. It features a large, flat head, a short shank, and a diamond shape point. This Clout Nail is widely used in a great variety of woodworking and construction projects, such as furniture assembly, box and crate construction, etc.

However, the most common usage of this felt nail is roofing material fastening: as its head is a thin and large surface, it’s designed to hold asphalt and composite roofing materials in place, such as shingles and slate roofing fastening. For this reason, the Clout Nail is considered as another type of roofing nail.


clout nail

2. What is the clout nail used for?

As we mentioned before, the Clout Nail is also known as Roofing Nail. Actually, there are many types of roofing nails, such as umbrella head roofing nails for corrugated sheets, etc. Each individual type works best for a specific type of roofing material. This means it’s essential to choose the right roofing nails for the project.

The feature of the felt nail is its large flat head, which helps to remain the material secure and in place. Besides, the thick, short shank of the felt nail helps the fastener go through thicker material. For all these reasons, the clout nail is the best choice for the fastening of roofing felt, sheeting materials, and other roofing materials to roof structures, which requires no deep driving.

Basically, the main applications of the Roof Felt Nail are the following:

Securing roofing felt

Securing roofing tiles and slates

Wire fencing

Plastic sheeting and non-ridged roofing felt fastening.


3. How to choose the clout nail?

Basically, there are three parameters to measure the clout nail: the head diameter, the diameter of the shank, and the length. Basically, the shank diameter and the length are the most important factors that determine how deep the nail is driven in and the torque needed to drive the fastener in.

Besides, in terms of the shank type of the felt nail, there are three types: the smooth shank, the ring shank, and the screw shank.

Lituo offers different types of clout nails. It’s worth mentioning that we do provide clout nails with a zinc coating (electro-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized) that withstands the weather changes to prevent rust. The hot-dipped galvanizing offers a better corrosion resistance.

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