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 What is a self-tapping screw?

What is a self-tapping screw?

1.Self-tapping screws

A self-tapping screw is a screw with a drill bit. Generally, it refers to wood screws with pointed heads, relatively large pitch, and hard texture, as well as aluminum alloy and plastic screws. Self-tapping screws are installed by special electric tools, construction, drilling, tapping, fixing and locking are completed at one time. It can be screwed in directly without tapping.

Self-tapping screws are mainly used for connection and fixing of some thinner plate parts. For example, the connection between color steel plates and color steel plates, the connection between color steel plates and purlins, wall beams, etc., the penetration capacity generally does not exceed 6mm, and the maximum does not exceed 12mm.

2.The difference between self-tapping and self-drilling

  • Shape difference:

The tail of the self-tapping screw is pointed.

The lower part of the thread of the self-drilling screw is a drill tail with a flat opening.

  • Different uses:

Self-tapping screws are generally used on non-metallic or soft metals, such as color steel plates and other materials with low hardness.

Drilling screws are mainly used in light steel structures, which can drill through thin steel plates. Therefore, self drilling screws are more widely used in buildings such as steel structure workshops.

  • The usage is different:

Both generally do not require pilot holes. However, if self-tapping screws are to be used on stronger materials, it is best to drill holes in advance.

3.Main features

  • It is generally made of carburized steel (accounting for 99% of the total product)
  • The product must be heat treated so that the self-tapping screw can achieve the ideal mechanical properties and performance.
  • The product has high surface hardness and good core toughness. That is, “soft on the inside and strong on the outside”. If the surface hardness is low, it will not be screwed into the matrix; if the core toughness is poor, it will break when twisted.
  • The surface of the product needs protective treatment to enhance durability and increase the mission of use.

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