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 What is a Screw Thread?

What is a Screw Thread?


1. What is a screw thread


The screw thread refers to the helical shape running around the shank of the metric screw. Being introduced by the screwdriver or wrench, the thread converts the rotational movement into linear movement that eventually drives the screw into the material. In terms of the types of screw thread, they can be categorized according to the shape of the thread, the angle, and the pitch of the thread. Every subtle feature of the screw thread impacts the performance and the applications of the screw.


2. What are the different types of screw thread?

When it comes to the type of screw thread, mainly there are three types: coarse thread for softer materials such as wood or drywall and fine thread for metal. Based on these two basic types, there can be other designs, such as twin threads or serrated threads, etc.

More specifically, the types of screw thread vary depending on the types of metric screws and materials:

Drywall Screw: There are two types of drywall screws: coarse thread type and fine thread type.

For metal studs or hardwood, the fine threaded or double threaded type is available. For softer materials of softwood, the coarse threaded drywall screw is more suitable.

Lituo offers both fine threaded and coarse threaded drywall screws. For more details, please click:


Woodworking Screw: Woodworking is a broad concept. Generally, this work involves two main types: the chipboard screw and the wood screw ( lag screw). As they are used for connecting wooden objects, the woodworking screws are designed with sharp threading on tapered shanks.

The chipboard screw is Lituo’s star product. And it’s worth mentioning that we also provide chipboard screws with serrated thread, which minimizes splitting in the material to improve fastening and easier driving.

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Hex Head Self Drilling Screw: The Hex Head Self Drilling Screw is a popular type of roofing screw. It’s mainly used for metal roof fastening. And for this reason, there’s a fine thread type for fastening through mild steel materials. The coarse thread type is more suitable for thick metal.

Lituo offers different types of hex head self-drilling screws. For more details, please click:

Apart from those specific types of screws mentioned above, Lituo also offers other self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws, such as Csk Head Screws, Wafer Head Screws, etc. The most popular application is sheet metal fastening required self-tapping screws with cutting thread.

This kind of screw is also known as thread-cutting screw. The screw thread of this kind helps to create a matching thread in the material.

This thread cutting screw is also a kind of metric screw varying in shapes of head and body, such as pan head, countersunk head, etc. In terms of the end-point configurations, there are also variations. The type-17 thread cutting screw is our main product.