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What are Pan Head Screws Used For?

1. What are the main types of pan head screws?

This utilitarian screw features a broad head with rounded edges that some compare to an upside-down frying pan and requires a tapped hole.

The pan head screw is one of the versatile types screws: it features a broad head with rounded edges that provide a large bearing surface, which makes it suitable for many applications. And the name “pan head screw” also comes from the shape of the head which is similar to an upside-down frying pan.

Based on different categories, there are different types of pan head screws. We often divide them into two types: Pan Head Self Tapping Screw and Pan Head Self Drilling Screw.

Pan Head Self-Tapping Screw

pan head self tapping


The pan head self-tapping screw is designed with a sharp point. With its sharp cutting threads, the Pan Head Self Tapping Screw can be used for wood or plastic applications.

Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

Hardware/Fastener-Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

Compared with Pan Head Self Tapping Screw, the Pan HEAD Self Drilling Screw is featured with a drill point. This self-drilling capability saves the need for pre-drilling and makes it an ideal fastener for a wide range of applications, especially in metal fastening work, such as metal roof construction, etc.

Apart from the point types, the pan head screws can also be categorized according to the drive type: it can be Phillips, Pozi, Slot, etc. The unique design of the pan head makes almost all types of recess possible: with a large bearing surface and high edges, the dive slot can be deep and allows increased torque while minimizing the risk of damage to the screw. Besides, the flat underside of the pan head also provides a greater surface for a firmer hold.


2. How to measure a pan head screw?

The correct size of the pan head screw is the first step for effective fastening work.

Like other kinds of screws, the pan head screw consists of a head, a shaft with threads, and a point. It’s worth mentioning that, unlike screws with a flat head, the length of the pan head screw is measured from the underside of the head.

pan head screw structure


3. What are pan head screws used for?

The Pan Head Screw is a versatile type used primarily for metal-to-metal applications.

Due to this versatility, the pan head screw can be substituted for truss or round head screws in most applications.

The pan head screws can also be used to secure metal components in the machine and automotive parts such as license plates and headlights,etc.


As a professional fastener manufacturer, Lituo offers you a great variety of pan head screws:

With various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

With various coatings, such as zinc plating, etc.

With different drive types, such as Phillips Pan Head Screw, slotted Pan Head Screw, etc.

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