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Things You Need to Know About Hex Head Self Drilling Screw

Things You Need to Know About Hex Head Self Drilling Screw

Hex head self-drilling screw is one of the most popular type of hex head screws. It’s necessary to know the following points to purchase or use this kind of screw.


1. Washer types

During de fastening process, washer is always used together with screws. Generally, its functions mainly are the followings:

  • Load Distribution: to distribute the load of the fastener and reduce the damage it might cause to the material.
  • Spacing: to create the padding for the screw whose length is longer than the depth of the object so that the screw won’t protrude out of the back of the object.
  • Vibration Absorption: this kind of washer is usually made of soft material such as rubber, plastic, etc to absorb the vibration of the object.
  • Liquid Protection: this kind of washer is also made of soft material so that it can press completely against the surface of the object preventing the ingress of water o other liquids.

The hex head self-drilling screw is usually used for roof panels fastening and for this reason, it’s also called roofing screw. For this kind of outside work, waterproofing is necessary.

Generally, there are two types of washer: single washers for screws with large flanges or bonded washers for screws with small flanges. The large flanged hex head screw with single washer usually offers a better waterproof effect.


2. Drill point Type

Self-drilling screws are also called tek screws. Its drill bit tips are numbered from #1 up to #5, indicating the length of the flute, which determines the metal thickness the screw can drill into. The bigger the number is, the thicker the metal a screw can go through.

The hex head self-drilling screws have three main types of drill points, Tek 3, Tek 4, and Tek 5. There’s also Tek 1 self-drilling hex head screw, whose point is also called reduced drill.

We, Lituo, have always been dedicated to offer hex head self-drilling screws with high quality.

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