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 The Function Of Fastener Washer

The Function Of Fastener Washer

Washer refers to the part between the connected part and the screw or nut. Generally, a flat metal or rubber ring is used to protect the surface of the connected parts.

The specific functions are as follows:

1.Increased contact area to prevent loosening.

In general, the contact area between the screw and the connected part is small, only the screw head. Therefore, the force is also relatively small, and it is easier to loosen. In order to make the screw lock the object more firmly, washers are often used to increase the contact area between the screw and the connected object.


2.Added friction to hold objects better.

As we all know, fasteners are fixed by friction during use. Therefore, in order to increase the friction between the fastener and the object, the role of the washer is revealed.

3.Prevents damage to connected parts during installation and removal.

During installation, washers are required whenever there is vibration at the fastener joint. The harder the vibration, the more particular about the washers. This can effectively reduce shock and damage, and can also make the force-bearing area more balanced. Similarly, washers also provide protection function during disassembly.


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