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 Super Anti-Corrosion: Ruspert Coating

Super Anti-Corrosion: Ruspert Coating

Perhaps you have heard of many screw surface treatments such as galvanizing, phosphating, and even dacromet. The main function of these surface treatment processes is anti-corrosion, and ruspert is an emerging, higher-level anti-corrosion treatment process.

Ruspert coating, also known as ceramic coating, is a coating introduced for construction screws. It consists of three layers:

  • First layer: Metalliczinc layer
  • Second layer: Special chemical conversion film
  • The third layer: Anti-rust layer (Baked ceramic surfacecoating)

The advantages are as follows:

1.Excellent corrosion resistance: 500-1500Hours salt spray test

  • Timber Preservative Resistance: Ruspert’s high resistance to high humidity and high salt conditions makes it suitable for use on treated wood.
  • Contact Corrosion Resistance: Ruspert will not have contact corrosion problems with other metals or metal-coated materials in wet and dry condition

2.Low baking temperature: Within 200 degrees Celsius, to avoid the occurrence of parts tempering, hardness reduction, fracture and other problems

3.Colorful: can modulate colors according to customer requirements

4.The surface finish and adhesion performance: Stronger than dacromet, more beautiful, and can better meet the needs of customers.

As a professional fastener manufacturer, we are able to meet various needs of our customers.

Drywall screws, hex head screws, chipboard screws and other fasteners all can choose the Ruspert surface treatment process, and we also provide OEM services.

Tianjin Lituo Hardware has 20 years of fastener production and sales experience.

If you have any nails requirements, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.