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U Type Nail

Material: carbon steel.

Material model: Q195, Q235.

Diameter: 9–16 gauge.

Length: 3/4″ –2″.

Head type: U shape.

Shank type: smooth shank or single barbed and double barbed.

Shank diameter: 1.0 to 6.5 mm.

Point: diamond point, cut point.

Surface treatment: bright, electro galvanized, polished, copper-plated.

Standard: ASTM F1667, ASTM A153.

Package: 11 lbs per box, 2 lbs per box or bag, 1 lb per bag, 55 lbs per carton, and as your request.


  • Designed for gardening & agriculture.
  • U shaped head for binding the wires in position.
  • Slice cut sharp point for easy operation.
  • Great staying power and resistance to bending.
  • Polished, copper-plated & galvanized for rust resistance.
  • Complete gauges, lengths, and sizes are available.

Please refer to the video regarding this product


Galvanized U type nails, 15mm long galvanized staples supplied in a 10kg pack containing approximately 20000 galvanized U nails. Used for fixing fencing wire, wire netting, tensioned line wire, steel garden wire, and plastic netting. Used by gardeners, builders, landscapes, and fencers. Manufactured from 1.6 diameter steel, galvanized for rust prevention, and supplied U-shaped with two sharp nail points.

U Nail_Barbed U-shape Nails

2.Specification of U Nails

U Nail_Barbed U- shape Nails

3.Typical U Type nails using include:

  • Agricultural fencing; stock fence for lambs, sheep, pigs, and cattle.
  • Farm boundaries and paddock perimeters
  • Weldmesh dog fences
  • Fixing barbed wire and tensioning fencing line wire
  • Rabbit netting, poultry fencing, and fox-proof fencing
  • Chicken wire netting for pens and poultry cages
  • Ideal for garden applications, protecting plants, crops and with garden netting

U shaped nails


packing of U Nail_Barbed U-shape Nails