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Lituo Blue Hex Head Concrete Screw Masonry Anchors

  • Product name: Bule Hex Head Concrete Screw Masonry Anchors
  • Material: Carbon steel 1022A/Stainless steel
  • Head Type: Hex Head
  • Finish: RUSPERT
  • Driver Type: Hex Driver
  • Features:
    1.High-low threads design makes solid attachment.
    2.High tensile and pressure strength.
    3.Commonly with corrosion coating.
    4.Tested for fire safety.
    5.Easy and fast to install: drill, drive, done.
    6.No plugs needed.
    7.Removable and adjustable.
    8.Suitable for concrete, brick, natural stone.
    9.Different types of head designs and surface treatment for multiple applications.
    10.Can be used close to the edges.


Lituo Hexagon head cement screw set demonstration diagram
Lituo Hexagon head cement screw set demonstration diagram

Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw: A Concrete Revolution

In the realm of construction, where each fastener choice shapes the integrity of a structure, Lituo presents the Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw—a transformative innovation blending reliability with aesthetic allure. This hex head screw embodies the evolution of concrete fastening, introducing a unique blend of advanced coating and a dragon-inspired thread design.

The Hex Head Advantage:

Hex Head Concrete Screws are renowned for their efficiency, known for a robust hexagonal head that ensures a secure grip during installation. Lituo’s innovation builds upon this foundation, introducing features that elevate the screw’s performance to unprecedented levels.

The Pinnacle of Innovation: Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw:

RUSPRET Coating Brilliance:

The distinguishing feature of this concrete screw lies in its Blue RUSPRET coating. Beyond the captivating blue hue, this treatment extends the screw’s lifespan by enduring up to 1,000 hours in a salt spray test without succumbing to rust. It’s not just a color; it’s a shield against corrosion.

Dragon-Inspired Thread Design:

Aesthetics meet functionality in the dragon-inspired thread design. Large serrations resembling dragon claws impart a gripping power that transcends conventional screws. This unique configuration not only enhances fastening force but also adds a visual edge to construction projects.

Versatility Redefined:

From residential endeavors to industrial landscapes, the versatility of the Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw shines. Its adaptability to various applications positions it as a reliable choice across diverse construction needs.

Swift and Sure Installation:

Efficiency is inherent in the self-tapping feature, a characteristic of hex head concrete screws. Combined with the dragon-inspired thread design, installation becomes a seamless process, saving time and effort without compromising reliability.

Longevity as a Standard:

Durability isn’t negotiable. The Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw ensures longevity in performance, a promise that each screw contributes to the enduring strength of the structure it fortifies.

Elevating Your Construction Experience:

Corrosion Resistance Beyond Blue:

The Blue RUSPRET coating isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a commitment to resisting corrosion. Choose a screw that maintains its integrity even in challenging environmental conditions.

Visual Appeal, Structural Strength:

Beyond performance, the striking blue color adds an aesthetic dimension to your construction. It’s not just a fastener; it’s a visual statement embedded in your project.

Adapt to Every Project Need:

Whether anchoring in a damp area or securing materials in a dry environment, the Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw adapts to your project’s unique demands, ensuring steadfast performance.

Efficiency Meets Reliability:

Swift installation doesn’t mean compromising reliability. Experience the efficiency of self-tapping combined with the assurance of dragon-inspired gripping power.

The meaning of lituo innovation:

Lituo’s Blue RUSPRET-Coated Hex Head Concrete Screw transcends the ordinary, introducing a new era in concrete fastening. A symbol of resilience against corrosion, a visual statement in construction, and an embodiment of enduring strength. Choose a screw that not only fastens but elevates—where innovation meets reliability.