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Hex Head Self Drilling Screw

Hex head self-drilling screws enable drilling without first creating a pilot hole. These screws are usually used to join materials like sheet metal.

  • Material: C1022 with hardened.
  • Standard: ISO15480, DIN7504.
  • Head type: hex washer head, hex flange head.
  • Finish: white/yellow/blue zinc coated, hot-dipped galvanized, zinc-nickel alloy coating, black oxidized.
  • Assembling: steel bonded washer, stainless steel bonded washer, PVC washer, stainless steel hex cap, umbrella-type washer, nylon cap.
  • Diameter: 3.5mm – 6.3mm.
  • Length: 13mm – 200mm.
  • Certification: CE



  • Made of hardened carbon steel, the screws offer strong pullout strength to hold the roofing sheets.
  • Sealing washers help against water penetration.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Different points for different applications.
  • Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.
  • Drill points for screw-in hard metal structure.
  • Various colors of paint on heads for specific applications.
  • Can be drilled near the edge of roofing sheets.
  • Long life service.

We can also negotiate according to the customer’s requirements.

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Hex head self-drilling screws from LITUO Fasteners are engineered to be corrosion resistant and come in various sizes and materials. As a professional hex head screw manufacturer, Lituo owns production lines with advanced technology to off you products for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Depending on the size, the applications of the hex self-drilling screws can vary – the smaller screws are used in applications like fixing thin gauge metals and fixing metal to wood. The larger screws are used in roofing and other industries which require self-drilling through tough metals. Our screws come in stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other materials that prevent corrosion. If the hex head self-drilling screws are used in extremely hard materials, it is advised to use them after a pilot hole has been drilled.

Our hex head self-drilling screws are case hardened and heat-treated for applications requiring fastening of soft materials on hard ones. With a lower installation torque, the threads on these screws allow for a quick transition from drilling to tapping. For effective penetration, make sure that at least three threads of the fastener are inside the material.

2.Application of Hex Head Self Drilling Screw:

Roofing screws are designed specifically for all kinds of roofing applications. With a variety of types of products and good quality, our Roofing screws will provide you the best solution for fastening different kinds of roofing structures.

  • Commonly used to fasten metal, plastic, and fiberglass roofing sheets to metal or wood structures: the roofing screws with drill points for metal structures and the ones with sharp points for wood structures.
  • Ideal for fastening the overlap roofing sheets.

Among so many roofing screw manufacturers, we believe that Lituo is your ideal choice for we apply advanced manufacturing techniques to the products: it’s worth mentioning that our hex head screw factory also provides Hex Head Self Drilling Screws with Dacromet or Ruspert Coating.


3.Installation Steps

  1. Choose the proper size of roofing screws.
  2. Install a correct sized driver bit for the heads of your roofing screws into the drill.
  3. Set the roofing sheet into the desired location.
  4. Install the roofing screws on the top of the corrugation or the high ridges only. So the water will run off and down the lower parts of the roof.
  5. Start the drill, Press the drill button, and drill the roofing screw in the roofing sheet and base materials until the metal washer firmly against the roof sheet.

Welcome to contact us and choose Lituo as your trusted roofing screw manufacturer for long-term cooperation.