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Drywall Screw -- Self Drilling Screw

  • Material: C1022a Steel
  • Finish: Black/gray phosphated, yellow zinc plated, white/blue zinc plated
  • Head Type: Bugle head
  • Thread Type: Find thread
  • Tail Type: Self drilling type
  • Drive Type: Philips drive
  • Size: #6-#14/3.5mm-6.3mm
  • Length: 13mm-150mm

Learn more about drywall screws

Drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the entire screw manufacturing industry. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, dry walls, and ceiling series.

Most self drilling drywall screws are single line fine thread drywall screws.


I. Self Drilling Screw vs Self Tapping screw:

  1. Appearance:

The lower part of the thread of the drilling screw comes with a flat drill bit, which is similar to a drill bit, mostly with double line fine thread. The thread of the self-tapping screw does not have a drill tail below, it is a smooth thread. Self-tapping screws are two types, including fine thread and coarse thread.

  1. Application:

Self-tapping screws are used on materials with non-metals or soft metals. It can drill on the fixed material to make them fit closely with each other. Drilling screws are mainly used in mental, such as light-steel structures. They are more widely used in rigid structure workshops and other buildings than self-tapping screws.

  1. Usage:

Self-tapping screws with the pointed tail, and there is no drill part at the tail. An electric drilling gun must be used to drill into the metal material in order to make a prefabricated hole in the object, and then the self-tapping screw can be tapped. The self-drilling screw has its own drill tail, which makes it easily screw into steel plates, wood etc. That greatly saves installation time.



II. Surface Treatment:

Phosphated drywall screw is the most common one in the screw manufacturing industry. It can be black phosphate or gray phosphate. Zinc plated is another alternative that is also popular for drywall screw manufacturers in China. Because zinc treatment is better in anti-rusting.

Tianjin Lituo, a drywall screw manufacturer in China, is also known as a leading fastener manufacturer in china. We could offer different types and surface treatments of the screws. As a high-productivity China drywall screw factory, we have our own production line. And our machines are both high-speed precision instruments.