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 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) at LITUO: Why One Ton (1 ton) Matters

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) at LITUO: Why One Ton (1 ton) Matters

At LITUO, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality screws that meet and exceed customer expectations. As a professional fastener manufacturer, we have set a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of one ton (1 ton) for each size of screws. While this requirement may seem substantial to some, there are several reasons behind this decision, all of which aim to ensure product quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficient production. In this article, we will explore the factors influencing our MOQ and shed light on how it benefits both LITUO and our valued customers.

Cost Considerations:

Setting the MOQ at one ton takes into account various cost factors involved in the production of screws. For instance, machine production using molds incurs a certain fixed cost, regardless of the order size. By establishing a standard MOQ, we can better allocate these fixed costs and achieve more cost-effective manufacturing.

Packaging and Shipping Efficiency:

When producing screws, efficient packaging and shipping play a vital role in reducing overall costs. Larger quantities of screws packed together in one ton ensure optimal utilization of packaging materials and minimize waste. Moreover, consolidating shipments for larger orders is more economical in terms of transportation costs.

Bulk Ocean Freight:

Ocean freight costs are often calculated based on shipping volume, with larger shipments enjoying better rates per unit weight. By encouraging larger orders through a one-ton MOQ, LITUO can negotiate more competitive ocean freight rates, resulting in cost savings that can be passed on to customers.

Quantity-Based Pricing:

Customers who order larger quantities benefit from quantity-based pricing. As the order size increases, the cost per unit decreases, providing an incentive for customers to place bulk orders. This not only saves money for the customer but also helps streamline production at our end.

Quality Assurance:

Ensuring consistent quality is of utmost importance to LITUO. Maintaining a standard MOQ allows us to exercise stringent quality control measures throughout the production process. It allows us to focus on each order, ensuring that every screw meets our high-quality standards.

Sampling for New Customers:

For first-time customers who may be unfamiliar with LITUO’s product quality, the one-ton MOQ serves as a starting point for sampling our screws. Ordering one ton allows customers to assess the quality, performance, and compatibility of our screws with their applications, laying the groundwork for potential long-term partnerships.

Exceptions and Stock Availability:

While the standard MOQ is one ton, we do consider exceptions based on specific circumstances. If the requested product and size are commonly used and readily available in our factory’s existing stock, we may be able to reduce the MOQ accordingly, accommodating customer needs.


The minimum order quantity of one ton for each size of screws at LITUO is a carefully considered decision aimed at ensuring product quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. By consolidating production and optimizing packaging and shipping, we can pass on cost savings to customers and provide competitive pricing. Additionally, larger orders benefit from quantity-based pricing, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between LITUO and our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence, paired with our flexibility in handling exceptions, allows us to accommodate diverse customer requirements. At LITUO, we strive to provide screws of the highest quality, instilling confidence in customers and reinforcing our position as a trusted and reliable fastener manufacturer.