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 How To Repair Chipboard Screw Holes?

How To Repair Chipboard Screw Holes?

Chipboard screws are a common and practical fastener that are often used in the fabrication and repair of furniture made of fiberboard. Since particleboard is made from compressed wood, it is easy for the screws to loosen or damage the particleboard. Therefore, whether after screwing in a screw or after removing a screw, people often think about such a question: how to make the screw leave traces? How to make fiberboard furniture look more beautiful? This issue will be explained in detail below.

In fact, all you need is wood glue, wood chips, a scraper, and sandpaper to fix the problem. First, you need to find some sawdust. It should be noted that the wood chips found should be as similar in color as possible to the fiberboard being repaired, so that it is not easy to find the traces of repairing. Second, you need to prepare some wood glue. In a small bowl, mix the wood chips with the wood glue to form a thick paste. Then, fill the screw holes with the mixture and press down with a spatula to ensure the mixture fills the hole, and wait 1 day for the mixture to dry and fully harden. Finally, sand the edges of the hardened mixture until it is flush with the surface.

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