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How to measure a screw?

To fastener distributors, during the contact with the manufacturer, a correct and specific inquiry is very important. Especially a correct size specification of the screw is essential for the acquisition.

How to measure the length?

The measuring should start from where the screw head is fully embedded with the surface when it’s fully driven in.

Generally, the measuring of most types of screws starts from the flat underside to the tip of the screw.

In the case of some special screws such as flat-headed countersunk screws, it stays flush with the surface. Thus the measuring starts from the top of the head to the tip.


How to measure the diameter?

The diameter of the screw refers to the length from one side of the thread to the other side.

It’s worth mentioning that in the specification of a screw, the first number represents the diameter. For example, both “M6” and “6.0” mean that the screw has a diameter of 6mm.

How to measure the pitch?

Pitch means the distance from one thread to the other in mms. Usually, the pitch of a screw is less than 1mm. It’s worth mentioning that screws of different diameters usually have different types of pitch. As a professional fastener manufacturer, we offer a wide range of screw products, not only in terms of types but also in terms of measurement.

Recently we’ve added a new product to our Hex Head Screw family, Hex Head Spade Screw. The following chart shows the main specification of our Hex Head Screw.


Product Type Material Surface Treatment Size
 Hex Head Screw Spade Carbon Steel Yellow/White Zinc Galvanized
Colored Ruspert
4.2mm X 16-25mm
4.8mm X 16-50mm
5.5mm X 25-100mm
6.3mm X 19-150mm
4.2mm X 16-25mm
4.8mm X 16-50mm
5.5mm X 25-100mm
6.3mm X 4×19-150mm
Self Tapping
Self Drilling

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