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How To Measure A Drywall Screw?

The biggest feature of drywall screws is the shape of the horn head. It has fine thread drywall screw and coarse thread drywall screw. The drywall screw is one of the most important product in the entire fastener industrial. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum board, lightweight partition walls and ceiling series. So the measures of Drywall Screw is important.

How to measure a Drywall Screw?

  1. The Diameter of Drywall Screw.

The diameter of drywall screw is the diameter of carbon steel. It is measure kindly the width of the drywall screw. The common sizes are M3.5, M3.9, M4.2.

  1. The Weight of Drywall Screw

The weight of drywall screw is also an important measure of drywall screw. Different diameter has different weight. It often shown as kg per 1000pcs. We have a standard chat with weight for your reference, as below link: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/drywall-screw/

  1. The Torque of Drywall Screw

Torsional force is the moment of force that occurs when a material is twisted. Screw torque refers to the tightening degree and the torsional breaking force of the screw.

The screw torque tester is mainly used to detect the torque of the screw to determine how hard the screw can be twisted and broken.

  1. The Drill Speed of Drywall Screw

Drill speed is the time taken when the drywall screw has been drilled into the material. The thread width of coarse thread drywall screw wider and faster. In addition, the structure of wood material will not be damaged after drilled in. So the coarse thread drywall screw is more suitable than the fine thread drywall screw for wooden keel installation.

  1. The Drill Point Shape of Drywall Screw

The drill point shape is an important index of the self-drilling screws. Self-drilling screws can drill holes directly on the material, which saving construction time significantly. Professional instruments can be used to measure the drill point shape, and the perfect tail shape can improve the speed of drilling.