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 How to learn the rivets?

How to learn the rivets?

Open-End Rivets

• Strong, low-cost fastener.

• Available in a variety of materials.

• Ideal for a wide range of applications.

• Dome, Large Flange, and Countersunk head styles.



Blind rivets are a type of rivets used for single-sided riveting. It requires special tools-riveting guns (manual, electric, pneumatic) for riveting. When riveting, the rivet core is pulled by a special riveting gun to expand the rivet body and play a riveting role.

Blind rivets are especially suitable for riveting occasions where it is inconvenient to use ordinary rivets (riveting from both sides), so it is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, airplanes, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture, and other products.


Working steps:
1. Drilling a suitable hole in two needed riveting material.
2. The appropriate specifications into the riveter rivet.
3. Insert the riveter into the hole.
4. Close the handles to rivet, then exit the riveter.

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