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How to choose a right roofing nail?

What’s the right roofing nail? The basic principle is to make sure the nail you choose can remain structurally sound and durable for years. Based on this principle, the criteria are the following:

Material: nails of a certain type of material operate better in a particular environment.

Stainless Steel: Compared with the aluminum nail, the stainless steel roofing nail is less prone to rust. Moreover, this nail secures slate and ceramic roofing tiles very well.

Galvanized Steel:  With a zinc coating, the galvanized steel nail is highly rust-resistant and due to this feature, the nail can be frequently used in coastal and high-rainfall areas.

Copper: Among all these kinds of roofing nails, the copper nail is a standard type and mainly suitable in many environments. However, the specially-made nail is more preferred in severe environmental conditions.

Types: the type of the shank affects on how well the roofing is fixed. Different types of roofing material require different types of nail.

Screw shank: The twisted shank is suitable for fastening wood or pallet of pallet roof tiles. Besides, its flat head and diamond tip allow the nail to easily drill in.

Smooth shank: The biggest advantage of this nail is its low cost, for it’s cheaper than other types of roofing nails. It’s a good choice for people on a budget. However, this doesn’t provide much protection.

Dimensions: the size, length, and gauge of nails are dependent on what type of project you’re doing and, of course, what kind of material you’re working with.

In terms of our company’s product, the most popular roofing nail is Twisted Nail with Washer, whose specification is the following:


Material: Q195

Finish: Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized

Head: Round flat head or umbrella head

Shank type: twisted

Point: diamond

Surface treatment: galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized

Size:  3.4mm *1 ¾”, 3.5mm*2 ½”

Besides, it’s remarkable that this roofing nail has its own washer which provides an effective waterproof seal.