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How does a countersunk screw work?


  1. What is a countersunk screw?

A countersunk screw is also known as a flat-head screw. With a flat head that tapers along the shaft, it can rest flush with the surface in which it’s driven. For it can sink into the objects, it’s called “countersunk screw ”.


  1. Countersunk screw installation

According to the types of screws, basically, there’re two types of countersunk screws: countersunk heads with nibs and countersunk heads with no nibs.

In terms of the countersunk screws with no nibs, a countersunk hole is required before the screw sits in and stays flush with the surface.

However, in terms of countersunk screws with nibs underneath the head, there’s no need for a pilot hole and no use of a drill bit.


  1. Countersunk screw application

For this type of screw can sink in the surface, the countersunk screw can be used in many structures of connection, such as doors tor frames, etc. With traditional screws, the screw will protrude out and will stress both the door and the frame. With the countersunk screw, the problem can be solved for the screw can be buried completely there’s a smooth and level contact between the door and frame.

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