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 Exhibitions Attended by LITUO: Showcasing High-Quality Screws and Building Customer Trust

Exhibitions Attended by LITUO: Showcasing High-Quality Screws and Building Customer Trust

LITUO has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality screws, earning positive feedback from customers and gaining popularity in the market. To further establish our commitment to excellence and reinforce customer trust, we actively participate in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. These trade shows provide us with a valuable platform to showcase our superior screws, engage with industry professionals, and demonstrate our dedication to delivering reliable and top-notch fasteners. In this article, we will explore some of the key exhibitions attended by LITUO, illustrating how our presence in these events has contributed to customer confidence in the exceptional quality of our screws.

The China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair):

The Canton Fair, held biannually in Guangzhou, China, is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive trade shows globally. Recognizing the significance of this event, LITUO actively participates to present our extensive range of high-quality screws. At our booth, we engage with potential customers from various industries, providing them with hands-on experience of our products. Through face-to-face interactions, we can address inquiries, showcase the features and benefits of our screws, and establish strong business relationships.


Shanghai International Fastener Exhibition:

As a leading fastener exhibition in Asia, the Shanghai International Fastener Exhibition offers a prime opportunity for LITUO to exhibit our top-notch screws. This event attracts professionals, distributors, and end-users from different sectors, allowing us to network with key stakeholders and showcase our commitment to product excellence. The exhibition serves as a platform to learn about emerging trends, customer preferences, and industry demands, further informing our product development and innovation strategies.

Expo Nacional Ferreter:

Expo Nacional Ferreter, held in Mexico, is a prominent hardware and fastener exhibition that draws participants from across Latin America and beyond. LITUO’s presence at this event reflects our dedication to serving customers in this region and beyond. By showcasing our high-quality screws, we aim to demonstrate the reliability, durability, and superior performance of our products to a diverse audience of professionals and enthusiasts.



LITUO’s participation in various domestic and international exhibitions underscores our commitment to providing screws of the highest quality, consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The positive feedback from satisfied customers and the recognition of our products in the market have driven us to participate in prestigious trade shows and events worldwide. Engaging with industry professionals, distributors, and end-users in these exhibitions allows us to build customer trust and confidence in the exceptional quality of our screws. At LITUO, we take pride in delivering fasteners that are durable, reliable, and adhere to the strictest industry standards. Our participation in these exhibitions serves as a testament to our dedication to product excellence and customer satisfaction, solidifying our position as a leading and trusted fastener manufacturer in the industry.