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 Drywall Screw VS Chipboard Screw

Drywall Screw VS Chipboard Screw

Drywall screws and chipboard screws have many similarities, and it is difficult to tell them apart from the shape. Moreover, these two screws can drill wood, and the head types are similar.

In short, it is necessary to see the difference between them.

  1. The biggest difference: usage

As you can tell from the name, drywall screws are good for gypsum boards, and chipboard screws are made for wood.

This is the most essential difference between them. If you use drywall screws to drill wood, it is not impossible. But it’s like going for a walk on the beach in leather shoes, very out of place.

2.Screw thread

As mentioned above, the main use of chipboard screws is to drill wood. Therefore, to better join the wood, the threads of the chipboard screws are deeper. In comparison, drywall screws will have shallower threads.

3.Head type

Drywall screws are mostly bugle heads to match the drywall when screwed in.

And chipboard screws have pan head, countersunk head, wafer head, and CSK with 4(6) ribs.


Drywall screws are primarily used for drywall, which is the same thickness. Therefore, 80% of the need is concentrated on the specification of 3.5*25mm.

On the contrary, there are many specifications of chipboard screws in order to adapt to the thickness of different boards.

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