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 Coil Nail Manufacturer

Coil Nail Manufacturer

1.What are coil nail?

Coil nails, also known as collated nails, refer to a group of nails with the same shape and equidistant arrangement connected together by iron coils, and then rolled into a roll.

Coil nails have the advantages of high strength, high hardness, not easy to break, fast installation, and not easy to loosen. Because of these advantages, coil nails are widely used in industries such as construction, renovation, household and decoration. Such as making furniture, packing wooden boxes, etc.

2.What types of nails are there?

In fact, many nails can be made into coil nails. The most common ones are coil common nails, and there are also coil roofing nails and coil twisted nails. According to the requirements of customers, different angles can be selected, and many people choose 15°. According to different materials, coil nails can be divided into carbon steel coil nails, stainless steel coil nails, galvanized coil nails, etc.

3.LITUO – Qualified coil nail manufacturer

LITUO is a well-known coil nail manufacturer in China with 15 years of coil nail production experience. We have a complete set of equipment and a complete set of production process. If you need to purchase coil nails, LITUO will provide you with the highest quality products and the most convenient delivery.