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 Where to buy your Chipboard screws

Where to buy your Chipboard screws

Chipboard screws, also particle board screws, are widely used for timber works, its slim shank and coarse thread enable the chipboard screws to dig deeper and more tightly to its applications:

Chipboard Screws

The photo has shown both the timber works and other composite boards are firmly gripped by the threads, which can provide a reliable grip works for the construction.

Chipboard screws bear length ranged from 10mm to 200mm. Thus, no matter it is thin sheets with hinges or different composite boards, all kinds of applications could find a perfect solution from chipboard screws.

Available drive types of chipboard screws include Pozi and Torx. Head type includes double countersunk, single countersunk, and pan head. Manufacturing standard mostly DIN7505-1986.

Full thread chipboard screws are usually used to combine metal and wood. Different from smooth shank screws, when driving in full thread screws, the top material will not move with the shank. Oppositely, it is fixed in the position by the threads.

Chipboard Screw details

While half-smooth, half threaded chipboard screws are used to fixing wood and wood as well as other composite boards. The smooth shank part of the screw allows it to spin in the top piece of wood and at the same time pull the bottom piece tightly against the top piece, thus leaving no gap between the two. The smooth shank also prevents the screw head from pulling into the top piece of wood while it is driven into the bottom piece.


In summary, chipboard screws bear the below features:

  • Easy to drive
  • High tensile strength
  • Avoid cracking and splitting
  • Deep and sharp thread for cutting through wood cleanly
  • Excellent quality and high-temperature treatment for resistance to snapping
  • Different choices of dimensions and surfaces

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