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What are Pan Head Screws Used For?

1. What are the main types of pan head screws? This utilitarian screw features a broad head with rounded edges that some compare to an upside-down frying pan and requires a tapped hole. The pan head screw is one of…

 What is Metal Roofing Screw ?

What is Metal Roofing Screw ?

1. What is Metal Roofing Screw? The Hex Head Self Drilling/Tapping Screw is also known as Roofing Screw or Metal Roofing Screw as this screw is especially used for attaching metal roof panels to the building structure, whether steel or…

How To Measure A Drywall Screw?

The biggest feature of drywall screws is the shape of the horn head. It has fine thread drywall screw and coarse thread drywall screw. The drywall screw is one of the most important product in the entire fastener industrial. This product is mainly used…