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All You Need to Know About Countersunk Head Screw

1. What is Countersunk Head Screw?

The countersink head screw is also known as flat head screw. The head is conical with a flat outer face and a tapering inner face. The biggest advantage of this screw is that very little of the head protrudes beyond the surface. Thus the screw can rest flush with the object or surface which it’s inserted.

For this CSK head screw sinks, this screw is called Countersunk Head Screw.


2. How to measure the CSK Head Screw?

The principal dimensions of the CSK Head Screw are the length, the diameter, and the angle of the head. It’s worth mentioning that unlike other kinds of screws, whose length is measured from under the head, the CSK Head Screws are measured by overall length.


3. Nibs or Wings of the CSK Head Screw

Apart from the normal CSK Head Screws, we may also use CSK Head Screws with Nibs or CSK Head Screws with Wings.

The Nibs are located on the angled sides of the CSK head. These nibs aid in cutting the top material to allow a flush or countersink connection.

The wings are protruding parts on the shaft, which will create clearance through the timber and break off during entry into the steel.