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 About Hex Head Self Tapping Screws

About Hex Head Self Tapping Screws

Hexagon head self-tapping screw is a mechanical part. Mainly used in the steel structure of the color steel tile fixed,
but also used in the simple building of the thin plate fixed.


Self-tapping screw is constructed by a special electric tool. Drilling, tapping, fixing, and locking can be completed at one time. Self-tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixation of some thinner plates, such as
the connection of color steel plates and color steel plates, the connection of color steel plates and purlins,
wall beams, etc. The penetration capacity is generally no more than 6mm, and no more than 12mm. Tapping
screws are often exposed outdoors, and they have strong corrosion resistance; its rubber sealing ring can ensure
that the screw does not seep water and has good corrosion resistance


The common surface treatment of self-tapping screws is galvanized. The colors of the galvanized are white and yellow.
For better surface treatment, there are Dacromet and hot Ruspert

Sizes of Hexagon head self-tapping screw, the common diameter as #8/#10/#12/#14 (4.2mm,4.8mm,5.5mm,6.3mm);
Lengths range from 3/4″ to 6″ (19mm~152mm), but only small sizes are available in short lengths and large sizes in long lengths. Short lengths are fully threaded and long lengths are partially threaded. Length is measured from the
bottom of the flange to the tip of the screw for sharp points.


Another type of hexagonal self-tapping screw name is cut tail, the other name is type17, Tail-cutting screws are good
for chip removal.


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