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 How To Select The Suitable Screws?

How To Select The Suitable Screws?

The variety of screws is dazzling and confusing to choose from. Screws and nails, as important fastening tools in our daily life, come in a wide variety of styles and specifications. Customers who buy for the first time will have many questions. So, how to choose the right one?

  1. First, know what you’re screwing into.

What must be clarified is the fastening material and the application scenario, different materials determine your fastening needs.

For example, if you want to attach drywall to the substrate, drywall screw is the best option. If you plan to fix the chipboard, you should choose the chipboard screws. When dealing with cement base materials, the hardness of concrete screws can meet your tightening requirements.

In short, the application scenario is the first one that should be understood.

  1. Second, determine the size and specifications.

Needless to say, the length and size are based on your own needs. It should be noted that the head type, drive type, thread type, and tail type of the screw can be selected. For example, there are five tail types for hex head screws to choose from.

Head type: countersunk head, flat head, pan head, oval head, etc.

Drive type: Phillips, pozi, torx, square, slotted, etc.

Thread type: half thread, full thread, high-low thread.

Tail type: self-drilling, self-tapping, spoon point, reduced drill, type-17

  1. Finally, choose the desired color and surface treatment

The surface treatment process is a kind of protection for the screw. Different surface treatment methods can resist corrosion and high temperature well.

We have a variety of surface treatments: phosphating, galvanizing, dacromet, ruspert, etc.

In addition, there are various colors.: blue/white/yellow zinc coated, black phosphate, color painted on the head of the hex head screw.


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