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 Best Sellers: Concrete Screws

Best Sellers: Concrete Screws

High tensile and compressive strength

Removable and adjustable

High-low threads design makes solid attachment

Concrete screws, also known as masonry screws, refer to a type of screw applied to materials such as concrete, cement, bricks, etc. Undoubtedly, concrete screw is the best choice if you want to perform fastening work on tough substrates.
As a professional fastener manufacturer, we can meet various needs of customers. The specifications of concrete screw are as follows:

  • Material: C1022 Steel
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Length: 32mm-212mm
  • Head Type: Flat head
  • Drive: Torx
  • Finish: Yellow zinc plated,white-blue zinc plated
  • Certification: CE

2. Installation Guide of concrete screw

(1) Measure the thickness of the material to be fastened to the concrete, and select screws 1 to 1.75 inches longer than the material thickness.
(2) Measure the length of the screw, and select a drill bit suitable for the screw.
(3) Mark the length of the screw with tape on the drill bit.
(4) Drill holes until you reach the tape, then vacuum the excess material from the holes.
(5) Put the material on the hole and screw the concrete screw into the cement.

3.Frequently Asked Questions
(1) Can you screw directly into concrete?
While you can drill concrete screws directly into the concrete, we strongly recommend drilling a pilot hole first. Screwing in concrete screws after the pilot holes makes installation easier and safer.
(2) Are concrete screws removable?
Yes. You can easily remove the concrete screws after installation. However, keep in mind that the retention value of the screw will be affected.
(3) What size drill bit should be used for concrete screws?
Use a bit that is slightly smaller than the screw size, about 1/16″ smaller. For example, a 3/16″ concrete screw requires a 5/32″ masonry bit.

Tianjin Lituo Hardware has 20 years of fastener production and sales experience.
If you have any screw requirements, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.