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How To Choose The Tapping Tail And The Drilling Tail?

Hex head screw is our company’s hot selling products, clients can customize different tail type. Many customers can’t tell the difference between a tapping tail and a drilling tail when ordering. Understanding the following differences will help you better choose products.

  1. Different appearance

The tail of the tapping tail is pointed and conical.

The drilling tail is formed at the end of the rod body with a symmetrical staggered cutting edge and wood chip removal groove.

  1. Application:

The drilling tail has a wider range of uses than the tapping tail, such as fastening metal to wood, and even metal to metal.

Hex head screws, also known as roofing screws, are commonly used for fastening metal roofing. Due to its wide application in outdoor applications, we offer various types of surface treatments such as Ruspert, Dacromet, etc., to prevent corrosion.

  1. The wood chip removal

The shape of the drilling tail is unique, and the wood chip can be discharged by the chip slot, making it easier to operate the wood workpiece.

  1. Punch in advance

When the tapping tail meets the harder material, it usually needs to be punched in advance.

The Drilling tail is just the opposite, which saves the assembly time and improves the work efficiency. On the other hand, it also reduces the possibility of installation error caused by the size error of pre-drilling.

In response to the needs of some customers, we also provide reduced drill, spoon point and Type 17 hex head screws. They have their own characteristics, such as the spoon point hex head screw is particularly effective for hard materials and wood knots, and is the best choice for drilling wood.

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