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 What is Special About Drywall Screws?

What is Special About Drywall Screws?


1. What is Bugle Head Screw?

bugle head screw

A screw’s head is an essential factor in the fastening. This head drives the shaft into the material and the shape of the head affects the finished look of the project.

Unlike other kinds of screws, the Drywall Screw is characterized by a bugle head that features a flat top and a concave under-head bearing surface. For this reason, the Drywall Screw is also called Bugle Head Screw. This unique design enables the distribution of the bearing stress over a much wider area than is with a flat head screw.

The bugle head offers many benefits which are the followings:

The bugle head screw has a smoother transition between the shank and the head, which avoids the material to get caught, resulting in a more attractive finish.

The bugle head can depress sufficiently the surface of wood material without breaking it, which minimizes the risk of damage to the finished product.

Like the countersunk head, the bugle head also makes the drywall screw lie flush in the material, which makes it a versatile fastener in numerous construction tasks.

The Bugle Head Screws come in Phillips, Torx, slot, and square drive types. Of all these types, the Phillips Bugle-Head Drywall Screw offers the best performance and fastest installation with reliable results. This Phillips Bugle-Head Drywall Screw is also Lituo’s star product:https://www.tjlituo.com/product/drywall-screw/


2. What are the types of drywall screw threads?

drywall screw types

Apart from the screw head, the screw thread is also a crucial part of the fastening: it’s the part that gets the drywall screw inserted into whatever you’re fastening.

Generally, the plasterboard screw has deeper threads than regular screws, which prevent the screw from dislodging easily from the drywall or plasterboard. Besides, there are two types of drywall screws: the coarse thread drywall screw and the fine-thread drywall screw. These two types are classified according to the thread pitch which refers to the distance between threads.

Coarse Thread Drywall Screw

coarse thread drywall screw

In the United States or Canada, this is also called as W-type drywall screw. The more coarsely threaded screw, the tighter it holds. Besides, as the thread per inch (TPI) is fewer, the plasterboard screw drives into place faster. The coarse thread drywall screw usually comes with a sharp point, which is often used to attach the drywall to softwood stud.

Fine Thread Drywall Screw

fine thread self tapping drywall screwfine thread self drilling drywall screw

The Fine Thread Drywall Screw is also called as S-type drywall screw in North America. This kind of gypsum screw features a fine thread and the TPI is more the that of the coarse thread drywall screw.

The fine thread drywall screw comes either with a self-tapping point or a self-drilling point: the self-tapping fine thread drywall screw is used to attach the drywall to a light metal stud while the self-drilling fine thread type is used to attach drywall to heavy metal stud.


3. Why are drywall screws black?

As we mentioned before, the drywall screws are mainly used for drywall (gypsum board, plasterboard) or sheetrock panel fastening. For this reason, the drywall screw is also called plasterboard screw, sheetrock screw, or gypsum screw. All these materials we mentioned are usually painted with water-based latex and for this reason, a waterproof anti-corrosion coating is necessary for the drywall screw.

However, compared with other screws that might be exposed as part of the finished product, the drywall screw is usually covered and thus the aesthetic effect isn’t so important in the fastening. For this reason, compared with a more expansive zinc plating, the phosphate coating is a more economical choice that prevents the drywall screw from rusting.

special drywall screwswhite zinc plated fine thread drywall self tapping gypsum board screws

Lituo offers both zinc plated and phosphate coated Drywall Screws and the black phosphate type is the most popular.

For more information, please click:https://www.tjlituo.com/product/drywall-screw/