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What is Countersunk Head Screw?

1. What is Countersunk Head Screw?

The Countersunk Head Screw, also known as CSK Head Screw. This kind of screw is characterized by the unique design of its head: its “flat-head” screw sinks into the surface and rests flush in materials. For this screw may countersink into the material, it’s called Countersunk Head Screw.

However, when we talk about the CSK head screw, we may refer to a screw for the fastening job or a machine screw for machinery assembly. The main differences between these two types are: the CSK Head Screw refers to the screw with a tapered shaft while the CSK Head machine screw refers to e machine bolt with a cylindrical shaft; besides, as a machine screw, the CSK Head Machine Screw is smaller than the CSK Head Screw.

csk head screw structure


2. Where to use the Countersunk Head Screw?

As we mentioned before, the Countersunk Screw can countersink into the material. For this reason, it can be used in places where there’s no room for protruding heads of the screw. The CSK screw can be widely in applications such as door and frame fastening, etc. Generally, the Countersunk Head Screw is suitable for many woodworking and joinery applications. A worker even can cover the CSK screw with a cap or filler after driving the screw in.

csk screw door frame fastening

Advantages of CSK screw:

Avoiding interference: in applications with limited space, such as the fastening of the door to the frame, the Countersunk Head Screw is buried completely in the material and thus the interference is avoided.

Creating a good seal: the countersunk head screw helps to achieve a light-tight or dustproof enclosure.

Achieving a streamlined look: Many designers prefer countersunk screws for the aesthetics of having a flush surface.


3. What is the difference between the CSK Head Screw and the Flat Head Screw?

The Countersunk Head Screw is also referred to as “Flat-Head” Screw. However, there’s a tiny difference: compared with the flat head of the chipboard screw that has a sharp edge, the CSK screw has a decorative rounded finish at the top of the head.

4. Whats the main type of Countersunk Head Screw? 

As a professional fastener manufacturer, Lituo offers different types of CSK head screws that are available in stainless steel or carbon steel with a zinc plating, which helps to bear more wear and tear.

In terms of the point type, we offer both CSK Head Self Drilling Screw and CSK head self Tapping Screw. The CSK Head Self Drilling Screw is also known as CSK Tek Screw.

For more information, pleas click: https://www.tjlituo.com/product/self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type/