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What Are Sheet Metal Screws?

1. Definition

Sheet Metal Screws refer to a great variety of screws used in one application: sheet metal fastening. These screws are used to fasten metal pieces to other metal objects, or metal pieces to another surface like plastic, aluminum, plywood, hard rubber, or wood.

2. Heads of Sheet Metal Screw

As it’s mentioned before, the Sheet Metal Screws family includes different kinds of screws with varying head types: Hex Head, Truss/Wafer Head, Pan Head or Countersunk Head, etc. The types of screw head depend on the requirement of the job.

Hex Head: The Hex Head Screw is usually used with EPDM bonded washer or single EPDM washer to secure the screw’s shaft to the material.

Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screw with EPDM washer

CSK Head/ Flat Head: CSK Head Screw provides an ideal countersink, which makes it rest below the surface.

self drilling screws for steel

Truss/ Wafer Head: The Truss /Wafer Head Screw offers a wider bearing surface for the fastening.

machine screws metric

Pan Head: The pan head screw has a rounded head that protrudes above the surface when the installation is complete.

self tapping metal screws



3. Points of Sheet Metal Screw

All the screws mentioned before may have two types of points: Self-Tapping point and Self Drilling point.

Usually, Self Drilling Screws are the better option for metal fastening. With a drill point, screws can penetrate the metal piece without the need for a pilot hole. This helps preserve the integrity of the material by avoiding denting.

Self Tapping Screws can also be used for sheet metal fastening. These screws are ideal for jobs that have pre-drilled holes. The screws often have sharp tips to drive the screw through the metal. The technique of using a pilot hole helps prevent the splitting of the material, creating a more seamless finish.


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